He got along well: Trader enters with 81 Bitcoins in the Brazilian NoxBitcoin and leaves with 167 BTC using leverage

Trader profits almost 100 Bitcoins with BTC’s high in leveraged trades at NoxBitcoin in Brazil

One trader used the leverage system of the NoxBitcoin exchange and profited more than 86 Bitcoins in his trades.

According to information shared with Cointelegraph, the client, who didn’t have his name revealed, is a Bitcoin holder and has been making leveraged trades at Nox since the beginning of the year.

In total the trader would have started to ‚bet‘ on Nox with 81 Bitcoins, always with leverage and options.

The leveraged trades started with 200 Bitcoins until, excited, the trader asked for a leveraged position of 2 thousand Bitcoins.

„When the Bitcoin hit $ 17 thousand he wanted to buy 2 thousand Bitcoins leveraged, but we advised him not to do that and we set up a trade in options with 700 Bitcoins so he was exposed to high but if it fell he would have much less loss“, highlighted João, CEO of NoxBitcoin.

This way, betting high, with 700 Bitcoins the trader profited around 86 Bitcoins with the operation and at the end of all the operations, since the beginning of the year, the ‚whale‘ that entered with little more than 81 Bitcoins in the company has today 167,8 Bitcoins.

„Nox has a service that we offer to VIP clients in which we do a consultancy in risk management so the client can bet high but minimize the losses if they occur,“ said the CEO of Nox.

Trade Robot

Recently NoxBitcoin announced the launch of a robot, without custody, which performs automated trade operations in the crypto code market.

According to Nox, the robot, called Nox Trends, crosses mobile averages and searches for signs of trend reversals in the bitcoin market.

„You can use the robot to enter the market by buying or selling bitcoins automatically, whenever there is a sign of opportunity“.

The company highlights that the robot configuration is simple and there is no need to know about programming.

„The robot has accumulated a profitability of 75.73% between February and August this year. And more recently, the robot has taken in full the movement of bitcoin shot“, says the company in a communicate.

The robot operates on the Deribit platform and, although it does not work with custody, according to a guide from Nox, the user needs to have an account at Nox and transfer the bitcoins that will be used for Deribit and then configure the API